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20 Inspirational Slide Door For Your Minimalist Home

The sliding door does not only offer better space but are able to provide more value of that home. With proper planning, sliding doors can provide a beautiful visual effect on the entire space. There is 20 inspirational slide door for your minimalist home.

To Increase Space Utilization
the kitchen which sometimes needs to be closed to avoid smelly or messy appearance, sliding doors can be a perfect choice.

To Separate The Room

Depending on the function of the space, you can choose the opaque door or as in this case, transparent so that it allows light to pass through space.Hidden Sliding Door
For a narrow space, but sometimes you need to unite the two spaces, or want to make the door look relieved.Minimalist
Sliding doors, when designed with the required precision, it can definitely increase the visual appeal of the room as a wholePanel Sliding Door
This small panel is useful if you want privacy but at the same time need connectivity with other spaces. Folding Sliding Door
In large rooms, folding sliding doors can be a solution to expand space and block space when needed.

Japanese Style

The simple symmetrical pattern of the frame and black glass panel looks impressive and imparts a nice contemporary touch to space.

The Cabinet

Sliding doors can be an important and effective element for cabinets because they don’t take up space when opened.

Sliding Door With A Solid Frame And Translucent Glass

The thick aluminum frame with glass offers the necessary security and insulation and allows plenty of natural light to enter.

The Entrance Corridor

If you have furniture elements that are very close to the entrance, like the cabinets seen here, sliding doors can be very useful and can offer more flexibility than normal doors.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually small spaces so that sliding doors can offer excellent utilization of space.

Butterfly Sliding Door

The plus side is that the space settings look much cleaner and sleeker, while on the downside if you are you need more space to hide the door on two sides.

For Small Room

As explained earlier, sliding doors due to the movement of a single plane they consume very little operating space and therefore prove to be an excellent solution for small spaces as seen here.

Japanese Rural Style

Sliding doors can be made from different materials, wood can be one of the best construction materials

Wooden Sliding Doors

Solid and opaque wood material makes this type of sliding door suitable for limiting the space that does require privacy.

Wooden Sliding Doors With Glass Panels

This one sliding door is the most suitable for you to place for a room that requires privacy as well as connectivity with other rooms at the same time. Frosted Glass Sliding Door In a closed position, this type of sliding door will limit the vision of another room. But light can still enter and come out vaguely through the opaque glass.

Clear Glass Sliding Door

Because of the translucent nature of clear glass, this sliding door is usually used as a room partition.

Japanese Sliding Door For Room

The checkered panel at the Japanese sliding door will be equipped with paper material. This is done so that the door becomes lighter and elastic when hit by shocks

Folds Sliding Door

you should not place this type of sliding door in a small room, because the open door panel folds will consume more space than other types of sliding doors.