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The Various Types Of Indonesian Natural Stones And Their Advantages

Do you want to make your homeĀ  comfier and beauty by using various natural stone ornaments that have their own beauty for your home? If yes, here are some types of natural stones and their advantages that you should know before you apply them to your home. After we revealed some of these rocks have distinctive features and advantages that are different. In fact, so that the uniqueness of the stones is maintained, the name of the place description is also inserted in the name of the rocks at the end.

Andesite Stone

The first type of natural stone Indonesia factory is andesite. Andesite stone has a long history since the colonial era Andesite stone has also been very popular. Use of Andesite Stone is usually used as a building material, such as walls, fences, and decorations for bridges. Some years ago, Andesite Stone was also referred to as “Face Stone”. Because it is dense and resistant to weather and moss. That’s how many people like this type of Andesite Stone. And nowadays, Andesite Stone is often used for Exterior and Minimalist Home Interior.

Palimanan Stone

In the era of the 50s, Palimanan stone was very famous because it had a very attractive color pattern. Cream color with patterned brown batik found in Palimanan stone, so it is very appropriate to be made as an interior and exterior material of the building. Stone originating from Palimanan, Cirebon Regency, West Java is often applied to parts of the house such as walls, fences, parks, pillars, and others. The nature of Palimanan stone is quite soft, so it is very good if you want to use it to make sculptural ornaments at home.

Stone Templek

After the colonial era ended, there was a type of stone templek (Javanese: paste) which became a symbol of the beginning of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The application of this stone is seen in old buildings in urban areas and old houses in the Jatinegara area, East Jakarta.

The area known for having this type of rock is Salagedang, Majalengka, West Java. Its uniqueness lies in the installation process in buildings, where rocks are arranged in random patterns

Batu Candi

batu candi In addition to the palimanan stone, the type of temple stone can also be used as a stone for making sculptures. If you travel to Bali, this type of stone is often found. The trend of using this stone has actually been since time immemorial. The advantages of this natural stone Indonesia factory are because it is not easy to mossy, so it is very suitable to be placed on the exterior of the house.Its nature that tends to be natural and cool seems to be one of the reasons why this rock is popular with consumers. On the market, stone temples are sold in the form of slabs. Stone temples have properties that easily absorb water, so it’s best if you want to apply outdoors (exterior) coated with a coating so that it is not overgrown with moss. The popular type of temple stone is Borobudur lava.Actually, there are many other types of natural stone available on the market. However, the types described above are the most common types and are expected to help you to get to know the types and characteristics of natural stones.

Black Granite Stone

This black granite has the same characteristics as andesite stone. Same hard, not porous, and resistant to scratches. These properties make it one of the best natural stone choices for building houses.
The application of natural stone Indonesia factory or ceramics with natural stone motifs as exterior and interior home ornaments is very popular nowadays which gives a strong and strong impression on your home occupancy. From the information above, we get 3 advantages of natural stone for the exterior and interior of your home building.

Can Be Applied To All Types Of Home Models

The advantage of using natural stone because it has a religious shape and color, so many choices for exterior and interior buildings, both for modern and minimalist homes. Because the natural impression avoids the impression.

Color And Shape Settings Can Be Done According To Taste

Various types of natural stone, including natural andesite stone, natural stone temple or stone gilang, natural stone bobos, temple natural stone, etc. Of the many types of natural stone has the characteristics of shape, strength, the color of natural stone. Choosing natural stones must be in accordance with your impression and comfort.

Raw Materials / Finished Materials Are Easy To Find

Natural Stone is very easy to find on the outskirts of big cities in Indonesia, there are almost natural stone sellers and in building shops. Or now there is also a natural stone Indonesia factory that market their stone products online, such as CV Sinergi Stone, which serves natural stone orders throughout Indonesia.

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20 Inspirational Slide Door For Your Minimalist Home

The sliding door does not only offer better space but are able to provide more value of that home. With proper planning, sliding doors can provide a beautiful visual effect on the entire space. There is 20 inspirational slide door for your minimalist home.

To Increase Space Utilization
the kitchen which sometimes needs to be closed to avoid smelly or messy appearance, sliding doors can be a perfect choice.

To Separate The Room

Depending on the function of the space, you can choose the opaque door or as in this case, transparent so that it allows light to pass through space.Hidden Sliding Door
For a narrow space, but sometimes you need to unite the two spaces, or want to make the door look relieved.Minimalist
Sliding doors, when designed with the required precision, it can definitely increase the visual appeal of the room as a wholePanel Sliding Door
This small panel is useful if you want privacy but at the same time need connectivity with other spaces. Folding Sliding Door
In large rooms, folding sliding doors can be a solution to expand space and block space when needed.

Japanese Style

The simple symmetrical pattern of the frame and black glass panel looks impressive and imparts a nice contemporary touch to space.

The Cabinet

Sliding doors can be an important and effective element for cabinets because they don’t take up space when opened.

Sliding Door With A Solid Frame And Translucent Glass

The thick aluminum frame with glass offers the necessary security and insulation and allows plenty of natural light to enter.

The Entrance Corridor

If you have furniture elements that are very close to the entrance, like the cabinets seen here, sliding doors can be very useful and can offer more flexibility than normal doors.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually small spaces so that sliding doors can offer excellent utilization of space.

Butterfly Sliding Door

The plus side is that the space settings look much cleaner and sleeker, while on the downside if you are you need more space to hide the door on two sides.

For Small Room

As explained earlier, sliding doors due to the movement of a single plane they consume very little operating space and therefore prove to be an excellent solution for small spaces as seen here.

Japanese Rural Style

Sliding doors can be made from different materials, wood can be one of the best construction materials

Wooden Sliding Doors

Solid and opaque wood material makes this type of sliding door suitable for limiting the space that does require privacy.

Wooden Sliding Doors With Glass Panels

This one sliding door is the most suitable for you to place for a room that requires privacy as well as connectivity with other rooms at the same time. Frosted Glass Sliding Door In a closed position, this type of sliding door will limit the vision of another room. But light can still enter and come out vaguely through the opaque glass.

Clear Glass Sliding Door

Because of the translucent nature of clear glass, this sliding door is usually used as a room partition.

Japanese Sliding Door For Room

The checkered panel at the Japanese sliding door will be equipped with paper material. This is done so that the door becomes lighter and elastic when hit by shocks

Folds Sliding Door

you should not place this type of sliding door in a small room, because the open door panel folds will consume more space than other types of sliding doors.

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Remarkable Modern House Ideas to Try in This Year

Modern house designs, of course, become nowadays trend. Many people want to have such a modern design that will match well with the current trend. Of course, some of them also want to have such a remarkable part or designs for their house. If you want to know more about some designs which are considered a remarkable one, here are some of those types for you!

What Kind of House is Considered Having Remarkable Ideas?

Being remarkable means being noticed for good uniqueness. In this case, it means that you should have the design of a house which is very remarkable and unique. Then, what are the examples of some houses with remarkable designs or ideas? For your inspiration, please check the following list!

  • House with Vintage Design

Nowadays, the vintage concept becomes popular in every kind of design. Of course, it is another kind of trend that makes people wants to follow the trend. Some houses with vintage concept become very remarkable because those houses are stand out because of the concept. So, choosing vintage design as a concept is something that very good for you who love this kind of uniqueness.

Besides that, you also have to know that vintage also comes with a different accent. Some people have their own preference for using vintage concept. Sometimes, things that make vintage concept can be something unique is that because the concept is to stay with the different ethnic concept. So, it will always turn out into something different and unique. If you want to use the vintage concept as well, make sure more about your preference of source as well.

  • Balinese Home With Natural Vibe

Actually, this is also just an option of some remarkable ideas for your house. If you love the atmosphere in Bali, you might agree with this kind of home idea. Of course, it gives a unique taste and unique vibe as well. So, you can try to build this kind of remarkable house if you think that it suits your preference very well.

  • Polynesian-Balinesian Remarkable Concept

This kind of combination of two concepts is actually can be a good choice for your house design. Of course, it will turn out very unique, since very rare people use it already. You need to seek more information about Polynesian house and Balinesian house before you draw the design. So, you can draw the design based on the concept that you want to use for your house.

  • Look for Your Own Inspiration

Despite picking ideas from some that already existed, if you have your own dream house, you can try to draw it into your own concept. Of course, it will be good if you are a success to draw the concept. Then, the house will also turn out very remarkable with its own uniqueness and people even difficult to find it in other places.

So, if you think you really want to have such a remarkable house, those concepts are good examples for you. You can think about whether you will pick one of those ideas as your unique concept or choosing a different way. That is all the information about remarkable house designs for you!

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Helpful and Creative Ideas for Your Green Garden

Do you have a plan to build a garden in your yard? If you have this kind of plan, you have to make sure that you already prepare a great design for your garden. Of course, the garden should be good at design and arranged well. You also can add some properties to make your green garden become better in look and also becomes your ideal garden. Then, what things you can do for your beautiful garden?

Things to Add to Your Beautiful Green Garden

Of course, you might already become an expert when it comes to choosing any plants or arranging the plants. However, it will not be enough to only put and arrange your plants in your garden. You still need more things to make your garden more beautiful and even can be your small park inside your yard. To help you to build your ideal garden, here is the list of some additional information for you!

  • Adding Small Path

This is just a choice but you can decorate your garden by adding a small path in some areas in your garden. It can help you when you want to water your plants so that you do not need to step down on the grass. The path will also help you to add more beauty to your green garden. You can arrange your path with a paving block or perhaps natural pebble to create a more natural look.

  • Using Bench for Spending Your Free Time

Garden can also be your place to do relaxation when you are free. Of course, it has to be a garden with supporting properties there. You can add a set of bench and table for you to relax there. Whatever is the type of the bench, make sure that your choice is suitable with your green garden concept.

  • Using Small Stairs Full of Pots

Actually, this is the part of arranging the plants in your garden. Yes, you can decide to not only put the plants directly on the land. However, you also can use some arrangement, so that your garden will look more beautiful. For example, you can use small stairs that you make from bamboo or wood. Then, you can put some pots there. Then, it will be more beautiful in your green garden.

  • Hanging Some Pots for Some Types of Flowers

Some types of flowers or pots are better if they are hanging. It is not just because you can hang it there, but because you can see the branch or the roots growing better because of the positioning. If you have some creeping plants, it is good to plant it in the hanging pots or using some other special media. It will help the plants to grow better.

Actually, those are only some of the simple plans that you can use to create your beautiful green garden. Then, your beautiful green garden will look even better and more useful because of some additional things that you put there. That is all the information for you about simple green garden helpful ideas.

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How to Make Your Bathroom becomes Refreshing Place

Bathroom, even though it is only a simple part of your house, it still becomes something important. Moreover, the bathroom is a private area and you have to build it as comfortable as you can so that you can take a bath while refreshing your mind under your shower. If you want to build any refreshing bathroom, several things in the following explanation will help you to get what you want. What are those things?

Things That Can Make Your Bathroom Looks More Refreshing

Having the concept of a refreshing bathroom can be a very good idea. Of course, it is because you really need to have such a comfort and refreshing place for taking a bath. Especially, when you are tired because of your works in the whole day, and then you want to take a bath, you can use the bathroom to wash your body and to refresh your mind at the same time. Then, what you can do to get such a great refreshing bathroom?

  • Put Comfortable Bath Tub

Of course, it is one of many ways that you can do to make your bathroom become refreshing. While bathing your body, you can use a bathtub there. Do meditation there while enjoying the fresh water or warm water to refresh your tired mind and relaxing your tired body. So, having a bathtub can really be a good choice to build such a refreshing bathroom.

  • Use Aroma Therapy in Your Bathroom

This is another important way to make your bathroom becomes more comfortable. Yes, you can use aromatherapy perfume there. While enjoying washing your time after your tiring day, you can smell the relaxing aromatherapy from the perfume that you put there. Then, the refreshing aromatherapy will make you more relax and help you to forget your tiring activities for a while. Is not that sounds so refreshing?

  • Use Calm Paint Colour or Tiles Colour

Of course, design becomes the other important thing that will help you to refresh your mind. It is actually really related to the interior design of your paint color. So, if you want to get such a refreshing atmosphere in your bathroom, it is good to choose a soft and calm color. Make sure that the color is also considered a bright one. You also can choose any other color that becomes your favorite and you think it can refresh your mind.

  • Consider to Prepare Walk-In Shower

Walk-in shower becomes the other option of building a shower in your bathroom. Of course, it will give you the option if you do not want to use the bathtub. You can use this walk-in shower. You can bathe your body by enjoying the pouring water from the shower. So, it will make your body feel better after taking a bath.

  • Add Mirror to Your Bathroom

It sounds simple but the mirror can also be helpful for your refreshing bathroom. Actually, it is more about the lighting concept of your bathroom. Yes, adding a mirror, even though it is not that big, it can reflect the light, so that your bathroom will have more light.

  • Why Not Putting a Plant?

This is also can be your option to make your bathroom becomes more refreshing. Yes, having a pot of plant can give a lively atmosphere to your bathroom. Then, your bathroom will get the support of the natural look and vibe.

In conclusion, those things are very useful for you as optional things to make your bathroom become refreshing and comfortable. If you think that you can use one of those ideas or the combination of those ideas that would be good for you. That is all the information for your house design about refreshing bathroom ideas.

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Savings Tips On Building Your Own Home

At present, there is much developed ready-to-live housing. Even so, not a few people want to build their own homes. The reasons vary, but the most reason that is used is that they can design the house themselves according to their needs and desires. However, building your own house is not an easy and inexpensive thing. Not to mention the basic needs that must always be met while the price tends to always rise. In fact, many were trapped, where initially they wanted to be economical but instead screamed because the cost of building their own homes was far greater than the available funds.

Not only costs but building your own house also requires a long time. So, inevitably it must be patient to be able to immediately occupy the dream house. The desire to build a house by yourself is often faced with funding constraints. Indeed, it must be admitted that the construction of houses requires substantial funds. However, that does not mean a good house must always be expensive. If you know the tips, building a good quality home at a low cost can be realized. Here are ways to build your own home at a low cost.

Make The Plan

As a first step, plan the construction of your home, starting from the funds, the size of the building, to the target time of construction. This plan will later function as a controller for the possibility of irregularities during the development process. If the implementation of housing development deviates from the plan, it will certainly have an impact on the costs that must be incurred. For example, the timing of development will definitely add to the cost of construction. Therefore, choose a repairman or professional contractor who is truly an expert in his field, so that he is able to work on building a house according to what has been planned.

Use A Minimalist Type Design

Houses with a minimalist type design are currently becoming a trend both for the development of public housing and the construction of their own homes. The design of this house is considered more efficient in the use of building materials but still seems modern and luxurious. In accordance with its minimalist design, this type of house saves space so it doesn’t consume much building material. To get a minimalist type of house design, you do not need to spend in order to hire the services of an architect but can browse on the internet so that you can get the desired home design for free.

Determine The Shape Of The Building

The shape of the building influences the level of difficulty of development and building material needs. Square or rectangular houses tend to be easier to build and more cost-effective compared to triangular houses or other angles. Generally, to form a number of angles or arches will leave many unused building materials. In addition, the level of difficulty in angled or curved buildings is also higher so it is risky for less than perfect building forms. The need for renovation, of course, requires more time and costs.

Research The Material Building

The higher price of building materials is one of the factors that must be considered carefully. Not a few people delay the construction of their houses because of the price of building materials that are not pocket-friendly. Well, so that the funding needs for building materials can be estimated, then do research about the price. No need to hesitate even embarrassed to go in and out of building shops to ask for the price of materials needed, ranging from cement, sand, bricks, iron, and so on. The importance of comparing these prices is because in every store it doesn’t always sell at the same price. Thus, you can choose quality building materials at lower prices.

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