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The Various Types Of Indonesian Natural Stones And Their Advantages

Do you want to make your homeĀ  comfier and beauty by using various natural stone ornaments that have their own beauty for your home? If yes, here are some types of natural stones and their advantages that you should know before you apply them to your home. After we revealed some of these rocks have distinctive features and advantages that are different. In fact, so that the uniqueness of the stones is maintained, the name of the place description is also inserted in the name of the rocks at the end.

Andesite Stone

The first type of natural stone Indonesia factory is andesite. Andesite stone has a long history since the colonial era Andesite stone has also been very popular. Use of Andesite Stone is usually used as a building material, such as walls, fences, and decorations for bridges. Some years ago, Andesite Stone was also referred to as “Face Stone”. Because it is dense and resistant to weather and moss. That’s how many people like this type of Andesite Stone. And nowadays, Andesite Stone is often used for Exterior and Minimalist Home Interior.

Palimanan Stone

In the era of the 50s, Palimanan stone was very famous because it had a very attractive color pattern. Cream color with patterned brown batik found in Palimanan stone, so it is very appropriate to be made as an interior and exterior material of the building. Stone originating from Palimanan, Cirebon Regency, West Java is often applied to parts of the house such as walls, fences, parks, pillars, and others. The nature of Palimanan stone is quite soft, so it is very good if you want to use it to make sculptural ornaments at home.

Stone Templek

After the colonial era ended, there was a type of stone templek (Javanese: paste) which became a symbol of the beginning of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The application of this stone is seen in old buildings in urban areas and old houses in the Jatinegara area, East Jakarta.

The area known for having this type of rock is Salagedang, Majalengka, West Java. Its uniqueness lies in the installation process in buildings, where rocks are arranged in random patterns

Batu Candi

batu candi In addition to the palimanan stone, the type of temple stone can also be used as a stone for making sculptures. If you travel to Bali, this type of stone is often found. The trend of using this stone has actually been since time immemorial. The advantages of this natural stone Indonesia factory are because it is not easy to mossy, so it is very suitable to be placed on the exterior of the house.Its nature that tends to be natural and cool seems to be one of the reasons why this rock is popular with consumers. On the market, stone temples are sold in the form of slabs. Stone temples have properties that easily absorb water, so it’s best if you want to apply outdoors (exterior) coated with a coating so that it is not overgrown with moss. The popular type of temple stone is Borobudur lava.Actually, there are many other types of natural stone available on the market. However, the types described above are the most common types and are expected to help you to get to know the types and characteristics of natural stones.

Black Granite Stone

This black granite has the same characteristics as andesite stone. Same hard, not porous, and resistant to scratches. These properties make it one of the best natural stone choices for building houses.
The application of natural stone Indonesia factory or ceramics with natural stone motifs as exterior and interior home ornaments is very popular nowadays which gives a strong and strong impression on your home occupancy. From the information above, we get 3 advantages of natural stone for the exterior and interior of your home building.

Can Be Applied To All Types Of Home Models

The advantage of using natural stone because it has a religious shape and color, so many choices for exterior and interior buildings, both for modern and minimalist homes. Because the natural impression avoids the impression.

Color And Shape Settings Can Be Done According To Taste

Various types of natural stone, including natural andesite stone, natural stone temple or stone gilang, natural stone bobos, temple natural stone, etc. Of the many types of natural stone has the characteristics of shape, strength, the color of natural stone. Choosing natural stones must be in accordance with your impression and comfort.

Raw Materials / Finished Materials Are Easy To Find

Natural Stone is very easy to find on the outskirts of big cities in Indonesia, there are almost natural stone sellers and in building shops. Or now there is also a natural stone Indonesia factory that market their stone products online, such as CV Sinergi Stone, which serves natural stone orders throughout Indonesia.